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Push dagger with 800 layer W pattern Damascus blade 48" long Small Bowie with 800 layer W pattern Damascus,  blade 6 1/2" long. Matched set, Bowie and Push Dagger with 800 layer W pattern Damascus blades

Bowie and Push Dagger
Matched set
(Knives currently for sale)



A special dedication goes to my grandfather; Rudy Ruana, after whom my business (R.H.R. Grand Knives} is named. Thanks for the patience shown in teaching me the skills of knifesmithing.

- Dave Ruana

Dave's knife making history

Saturday training with Grandpa Rudy
Ruana Bros. Knives with brothers Bud & Don, Bud signed DRRuana, Don signed DERuana and my knives were signed DARuana. Sheathes were stamped with Ruana Bros. a bighorn sheep with crossed knives and Ruana over and Bros under.
Part time sub contract work for Grandpa, Ruana Bros.
Worked full time for RKW Inc.
Started R.H.R. Grand Knives part time, knives were signed DARuana, sheathes were stamped R.H.R. over and Grand under a diagonal knife.
Registered R.H.R. Grand Knives and went full time with blade signed DARuana and sheaths stamped with original R.H.R. Grand stamp.
Most knives were signed DARuana with month and year under it. 3/94, sheathes were stamped with R.H.R. Grand stamp.
Fall 1994
Due to trade mark issues signed blades RHRGrand, if requested signed by DARuana on other side, sheathes stamped with original R.H.R. Grand stamp.
Fall 1998
I was involved in a near fatal construction accident. Recovery and a series of moves left me without a shop to work in until I started a new shop after hours in 2007.
Worked on knife related equipment for shop.
Started making knives full time, knives signed RHRGrand, sheathes stamped R.H.R. Grand.
Knives will be signed RHRGrand, if requested by customer "by Dave Ruana" will be added right below RHRGrand on same side of blade, sheathes will be stamped with original R.H.R. Grand stamp.

Look forward to serving you in the future!

- Dave Ruana



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